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If Fight Of The Year Was An Award, This All-Out Brawl From Liga MX Femenil Wins

Despite being called “the beautiful game,” everyone loves an occasional brawl to spice matters up during a match. A Liga MX Femenil fight between Necaxa and Puebla on Monday might take the cake for best fight seen around the world during a professional soccer game in 2021.

First, let’s watch the fight and then I’ll explain the stakes of this game and analyze who shoved who.

Liga MX Femenil Fight (Necaxa vs. Puebla)

Now that’s what I call a fight.

The game between Necaxa and Puebla was tightly contested as Necaxa was looking for its first victory of the season after one draw and four losses. In the 88th minute, Necaxa found the eventual game winner off a set piece.

Five minutes after the goal came the beautiful brawl. Necaxa’s Sarai Kim received the ball off a corner kick and got tangled up with two Puebla players. 

After a healthy dose of leg kicking, Kim reach her breaking point and absolutely trucked Puebla’s María López. If FIFA 22 doesn’t have a hit stick, I’m going to be terribly upset.

I’m not sure why, but Kim AND López were shown red cards. Apparently getting decked is a red-card offense. Poor López.

The only player to get injured and stay down during the melee was No. 10 from Necaxa, Paulina Castro. A closer look at the fight shows that it was her own goalkeeper who delivered the blow that got her injured. If you watch the footage, Castro was trying to play peacekeeper and then was obliterated by her goalkeeper.

The best part about this fight is that every player has a different story. No. 6 for Necaxa appears to get a calf cramp mid-fight, No. 11 for Necaxa gets a hand to the face but then is the first to signal help for Castro and Puebla’s substitute with the gray headband hits two people in the face and immediately puts her hands up like she didn’t do anything.

You truly must focus on one player at a time to see everything that went down in this fight.

Puebla’s head coach and assistant coach were also show red cards during the incident.

All in all, a great fight.

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