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Lewandowski’s Bayern Fallout In Total Freefall — “Something Died Inside Me” Says Striker

Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern Munch. Like really badly wants to get out of Munich. The Polish striker still has one year left on his contract with Bayern but has requested a transfer and has been heavily linked with Barcelona. Bayern can force Lewandowski to stay and the Polish striker has let his feelings be known.

Speaking with Polish outlet Sport Onet, Lewandowski feels akin to an angry 2000’s teenager who has been told they can’t go out to the big homecoming dance.

“Something died inside me,” Lewandowski said. “It's impossible to get over that. Even if you want to be professional, you can't make up for it. No other offers were even considered by me other than that of Barcelona. I want to leave Bayern, that’s clear.

“During so many years at the club I was always ready, available, despite injuries and the pain, I gave my best. I think the best thing to do is to find a good solution for both sides. And not to look for a one-sided decision.”

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Lewandowski has given everything to Bayern in the past eight years. He’s scored 344 goals in 372 appearances, won a Champions League title, captured eight Bundesliga titles with Bayern and had 50 goals in his last season.

The chaos and drama of Lewandowski’s exit could spell trouble for Bayern signing future stars. Liverpool ace Sadio Mané has been linked with a move to the Bavarian giants, but Lewandowski asks if big names will want to call Allianz Arena home after seeing what he has had to deal with.

“What kind of player will then want to come to Bayern knowing that something like this could happen to him? Where is the loyalty and respect then?” Lewandowski asked.

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