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Klinsmann On Gold Cup Semifinal: It’s All Down To Business

USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann commented on the stakes of tonight’s Gold Cup semifinal against Jamaica, saying that everyone knows what’s on the line, that he expects his team to be prepared, and that Jamaica will give it their all.  

"I think that the fact that a spot in the Confederations Cup is on the line speaks for itself. It's all down to business tomorrow night," Klinsmann said. "Every game in this tournament is a battle and we definitely expect a battle against Jamaica."

His team comes into the game as heavy favorites. Jamaica head coach Winfried Schaefer has said that he is very aware of that fact, but that he doesn’t expect his team to lie down and take a beating. 

"It feels like David against Goliath," Schaefer told reporters on Tuesday. "That's fine with us. We will try to hit the giant where it hurts the most."

Jamaica has a chance to top its best ever finish at the Gold Cup, 3rd, when it takes on the US, and its player feel very confident that they can achieve historic success.

"We're feeling good on and off the pitch and that brings a confidence to our team," said Jamaican forward Michael Seaton. 

Jamaica has already impressed by beating out Costa Rica to top Group B. It will need to continue to exceed expectations if they hope to beat the United States.

The USMNT will take on Jamaica in the Gold Cup semifinal today, Wednesday July 22, at 6 PM EST.

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