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Julie Ertz Is The Ultimate Badass For Her Showing In Japan

As the USWNT showcased one of its worst Olympic performances, it did walk away with a bronze medal, which is better than nothing. Although, it was expected to win it all, the USWNT fell short and struggled to outplay its opponents. Despite the team difficulties, one USWNT player overcame more than just struggling to win.

USWNT midfielder Julie Ertz had more problems than just trying to win a gold medal. For Ertz, she was more concerned if she would be capable of even playing in the Olympic games. About eight weeks before the U.S. left for Tokyo, Ertz was barely capable of walking. She had doubts of her ability to be able to walk, nevertheless play on one of the biggest stages in the world to compete for an Olympic medal. As one of the most determined, hardworking and humble ballers on the U.S. squad, Ertz proved herself wrong and managed to push herself back into playing shape to compete at the Olympic games. She played 525 minutes in Japan, second most on the team behind Crystal Dunn. 

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On May 16, Ertz suffered an MCL injury in an NWSL game with the Chicago Red Stars — definitely not ideal timing with the Olympics on the horizon. For athletes, injury is never easy, especially one that requires surgery, so the fact that Ertz did not give up just goes to show how much the game means to her. Not only did she do it for herself, but she also raised more than 500,000 meals to donate with her Ertz Family Foundation. Julie Ertz is by far one of the most well-rounded individuals on the USWNT and in the women’s football world. 

Julie Ertz may not be the so-called face of the USWNT, but she is for sure a vital part of the squad and plays an immense role in maintaining the midfield shape. Her tenacious play and ability to power through tackles is what makes her a key part of the team, not to mention her desire to win and also help others off the field. Needless to say, Julie Ertz is a true role model and if she can recover from a surgery right in time to compete in the Olympic games and win a bronze medal, anything is possible.

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