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Which Was Better, Bristol City Goal Or The Accompanying Goal GIF?

Bristol City’s Jamie Paterson scored a great goal, but his goal GIF might have been classier.

We here at The18 do not like goal GIFs. OK, maybe we like some of them. But mostly, we don’t like them. We, like you, have been burned too many times on Twitter, expecting to see a great replay of a goal only to get a stupid GIF merely telling us what we already knew, that soandso scored for suchandsuch team.

Bristol City, though, is an exception. One of the pioneers of creative goal GIFs, the English League Championship side brings hope to a bleak Twitter landscape. Take this goal GIF from Friday’s match against Sheffield United, when Aden Flint scored exactly at the 90-minute mark to send Bristol City to a 2-1 victory in a top-four clash. 

But the best play (and accompanying GIF) of the match belonged to this Jamie Paterson goal, struck in the 43rd minute to give Bristol City a 1-0 lead.

A lovely bit of skill to create space and a cracking shot from distance — no doubt an impressive goal for the 25-year-old striker. 

But was it better than his goal GIF?

That’s how you get in the holiday spirit! Grinches be damned, this Jamie Paterson goal GIF is just what the world needs to get into the festive mindset. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to spend an entire paycheck on useless Christmas decorations and gifts for friends and family that will all be thrown away by February. 

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