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James Bond Is Actually A Perfect Fit For Liverpool

Liverpool vs. Everton, the fabled Merseyside derby, always brings with it vast quantities of bad takes. Usually these are boilerplate blood-and-wine "it just means more" affairs, but one, from Talksport presenter Mike Parry, caught our attention.

Parry is referring to the fact that Daniel Craig, the actor who plays James Bond in movies, attended the game and brazenly supported Liverpool.

This is an unfortunate take, because what Mr. Parry is really saying here is Daniel Craig should never do anything in public that the real James Bond wouldn't do, which limits his options to drinking martinis, creatively murdering assassins and standing on a balcony, staring into the far distance with the look of a man who has SEEN things. That's no kind of life for anybody, except for James Bond, who is not a real person.

It's not like he was dressed as Bond at Anfield. Craig wasn't even wearing a tuxedo. Who knows, maybe Craig was there in character for some other movie, like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" or "Cowboys & Aliens". Or maybe he was dressed as himself, Daniel Craig: actor, Liverpool fan, not actually James Bond in real life, as far as we know.


Also: James Bond is totally a Liverpool fan.

Am I missing something here? James Bond, the fictional character, drinks too much, openly pines for the glory days of old and refuses to accept the status quo as the world changes more and more around him. Didn't any of you watch the last two Bond movies? Of course James Bond, were he a real person, would be a Liverpool fan. It's either that or, like, Leeds United.

James Bond

Image: The18

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