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Isco Can't Walk His Dog In Madrid...Because He Named Him Messi

Isco's dog is named Messi. The Spanish international confessed that before he joined Real Madrid in 2013 he named his dog after Barcelona star Lionel Messi, stating that "Messi is the best in the world and so is my dog." Isco's dog is pretty cute, we'll give him that.

Isco's Dog

Photo: @IscoOverMessi | Twitter

As you can imagine, pro-Barcelona statements are not held in the highest of esteem by Madridistas, and it seems that now Isco is backtracking a little by saying that the dog's name was not his idea. 

"I have to say, in my favour, that calling the dog Messi was more my brother and dad's idea than mine," Isco said in an interview on Antena 3. "I'm washing my hands with it, I'm a Madridista and that's that. I don't walk him anymore, imagine me calling him Messi in the streets." 

Isco's Dog

Isco has mentioned his admiration for Messi in the past. Photo: @Metro_Sport | Twitter

We have to admit that the image of Isco walking around downtown Madrid yelling "Here Messi! Good boy Messi!" is extremely hilarious. It's probably the smart play by Isco to deny his involvement, especially as speculation swirls around his future at the Bernabéu. That, and Madrid fans are notoriously fickle about such things and are pretty quick to turn on players. 


At the same time, we're talking about Isco's dog for f***'s sake. Grow up everybody. We're all for rivalries, but, seriously, let the man have his Messi dog. He's probably less maintenance than a Ronaldo dog anyway.

Isco's Dog

This is a dog named Cristiano Ronaldo. He won third place in the Crufts Dog Show. No, really. Photo: @br_uk | Twitter

Oh! Zing! 

Just kidding everybody. It's a joke. Save your comments. 

(H/T Goal

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