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The Internet Trolls The Russia 2018 Logo

We suppose one of the side effects of producing an iconic emblem intended to represent the largest tournament in the world is that, while a lot of people are going to appreciate the work of art, there are going to be a hell of a lot of people that try and have a go at it.

So, in honor of the Internet’s time honored tradition of making fun of someone or something important and famous, we have decided to compile some of the best cracks taken at 2018 Russia World Cup logo.

We’re sorry, unknown Russian graphic design genius responsible for creating the emblem. Can we call him Ivanov? Let’s call him Ivanov.

It Looks Like The Ebola Virus:

Photo: @Nora_Devine | Twitter

Ok, ok, this might be a reach, but here at The18 we know every joke is a stickler for timing, and it just doesn’t get much more current than the Ebola Virus. 

Of all of the reactions that Ivanov meant to illicit with this emblem, we are pretty sure severe internal and external bleeding was at the very, very bottom of the list.

It Fits Perfectly In “The Scream”:

Photo: @101greatgoals | Twitter

Cut to Ivanov, moments after discover this image:

“Hey, Guys! The internet is saying that my emblem should be in van Gogh’s ‘The Scream!’ See?!? I told you I could make a real piece of art!”

As touching as that fictional display of enthusiasm was, Ivanov, your emblem should have been able to stand alone as something unique, and not pastable over the face of the second most expensive painting of all time

You Could Probably Shave Your Face With It:

Photo: @BuzzFeedUK | Twitter

It takes an artist to create a timeless emblem. It takes a genius to create a timeless emblem that could effortlessly feature in the next Gillette advertisement, and that is why Ivanov is paid the big bucks. 

And we have to say, if we were in the business of razors, Putin would be on the shortlist of endorsement targets. The man’s face is immaculately shaved all of the time.

The real question is: does it come with a built in shaving cream dispenser?

It Is Our Mighty Overlord, Cthulhu:

Photo courtesy of

Ah yes, nothing embodies the country of Russia like a monolithic malevolent deity that wants to see "the earth flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom." 

We bet Cthulhu, the footballer, is nearly unplayable, but that might be more due to the fact it would be physically impossible to fit him on a pitch, and not because of any ball skills he might or might not posses. 

It Should Have Been This:

Photo: @Pundamentalism | Twitter

Ignoring Putin riding a bear for the time being, we would be remiss if we ignored the bribery that everyone thinks was behind Russia being awarded the 2018 World Cup. 

FIFA, generally speaking, has been known to be about as corrupt as an alcoholic senator during prohibition, and the controversy surrounding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a testament to that. In line with FIFA, Russia’s history hasn’t exactly earned them the benefit of the doubt. We’re looking at you, Sochi 2014.

This fake logo captures the essence of what the next World Cup is really all about: Money.  Plus, it has Vladimir Putin riding a grizzly bear. Ivanov, we hope you are taking notes.

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