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The Highest Paid Team In Sports Is Now From Paris, France

It is a widely known fact that the French have a massive appreciation for the arts, culture, food — the finer things in life if you will. That’s not to say  that they are innately pretentious or anything. They just know what they like, and they like a good home cooked meal, or a brilliant piece of music, or a painting that they can contemplate. It’s not a question of of having the money to experience any of this, it’s just something that is a part of France.  

That being said, Paris, the capital of that great nation, has become a bit of a pop culture sensation ever since Jay-Z and Kanye West decided to make a song about how they “ball so hard” in the City of Light. The town has become a status symbol for the young and rich: if you can party in Paris, you are pretty much the coolest thing around. It’s an odd juxtaposition against the almost humble obsession with culture that can be found in the rest of the nation, and it’s a juxtaposition that one of Paris’ football teams has now tilted even further in favor of balling so hard. 

Paris Saint-Germain is now officially the highest paid team in the world, in any sport. It’s players earn an average of £101,898 a week, putting it above Real Madrid (£96,933), Manchester City (£96,445), Barcelona (£90,675), and America’s closest competitor, the Los Angeles Dodgers (£89,999), who round out the top 5. 

Not that I would know anything about the hottest spots of the Paris nightlife are, but I’m pretty sure that the £14,556 that PSG’s players earn everyday is more than enough to pay for the cover charge. At least I hope. You never can be too sure these days, “ballin’ on a budget” is a thing, and I hate to think about what that means in Paris.

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