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Hector Herrera Looks To Europe For Talent

Miguel Herrera has already stated that he expects big things from Mexico this summer. As in winning the Gold Cup and Copa América big. If he does plan on pulling off that impressive double, he’ll need all the talent he can get his hands on. And if his most recent call-ups are anything to go by, then it seems he plans on relying heavily on those currently plying their trade in Europe.  

As you can see, Herrera has called up a total of 12 players. Here they are named along with their respective European clubs:

  • Guillermo Ochoa (Malaga)

  • Héctor Moreno (Espanol)

  • Diego Reyes (Porto)

  • Miguel Layún (Watford)

  • Rafael Márquez (Hellas Verona)

  • Jesus Manuel Corona (FC Twente)

  • Jonathan dos Santos (Villareal)

  • Hector Herrera (Porto)

  • Andres Guardado (PSV Eindhoven)

  • Javier Hernandez (Real Madrid)

  • Raul Jimenez (Atletico de Madrid)

  • Giovani dos Santos (Villarreal)

This is undoubtedly an extremely talented crop of players - and we personally can’t wait to see how Jesus Manuel Corona will do - but is it enough? Hernandez is struggling to get playing time at Real Madrid, as is Raul Jimenez at Atletico Madrid. With Carlos Vela out, Mexico needs someone who can replace his production, and it's hard to see any of these players doing that. But, this is why they play the games. You never know when some one will break out, or at the very least find a vein of form that has deserted them at the club level.  

At any rate, Mexico better keep focused on preparing for its next match: a barn burner with the United States on April 15 in San Antonio. Growing pains are inevitable, but El Tri doesn’t want to go through any more than they need to, especially against their arch rivals. 

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