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He Looks Like Your Average Unathletic Guy, But He Scores Like Messi

Nothing screams athletic ability like the Caucasian male. In his natural habitat, he is a thing to behold, wonder at, and pontificate greatly about with one’s peers. 

I’m sorry, I had to. I had to show that video in order to make you appreciate, in all seriousness, just how truly exceptional of a player Peter Beardsley was.  

We live in a cruel world where being lame, ugly, and unfortunate looking can have a bigger impact on someone’s success than it ever should. Some people will take one look at you and think they are better than you, or that you are not worthy; it happens all the time. I can’t imagine the number of people that took one look at Peter Beardsley and dismissed him. If haters were his motivators, it is entirely possible the man was on a mission since he exited the womb.

Beardsley and Gary Lineker at the 1986 World Cup. Photo: @VintageFooty | Twitter

Beardsley rose above that cruel world and become a legend, an absolute, beloved legend. He was inducted into the English Football hall of fame in 2007 for a career that saw him help England to it’s best finish, 4th, at a World Cup since 1966, win the English league title 4 times, and score over 200 goals.

But more amazing than any record is the fact that you can put footage of him, a player who peaked two decades ago, next to footage of Messi and make a real case that he is not out of place.

You don’t believe me, but that’s because you haven’t seen it. His style of play is more reminiscent of the greatest player to ever play than most players alive today:    

He’s no Messi, that’s for sure, but it’s inspirational that he’s anything close. 

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