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Haaland or Lukaku? Chelsea Targets Top Strikers

Speculation and excitement grow surrounding Champions League victors Chelsea in the quest to sign a new star striker. Even though the club spent around a whopping $150 million last year to bring in forwards Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, they are still shopping for a special striker before the 2021/22 season. While Havertz was battling Covid issues and Werner couldn’t win over the fans last season, the Blues will look to add a lethal striker to the club. 

Reports have said Chelsea has been targeting two superstar strikers: Inter Milan and Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku who tore it up in Serie A the past season where he won Italian Footballer of the Year, as well as Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund who is one of, if not the most exciting young footballers in the world. 

While Premier League rivals are making their own important signings with Manchester City trying to bring in Jack Grealish and United getting Jadon Sancho, Chelsea might need one of its targets to compete and fill the spot left behind by Olivier Giroud.

Let’s take a look at both Chelsea’s potential transfers and how the deals could get done. 

The original transfer speculations that involved Chelsea were for young superstar Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund, where the Blues reportedly are sending an informal offer before a deadline in a week. Haaland, at just 21 years old, has the most potential of any striker in the world and would definitely alter Chelsea’s squad for the better as they are missing a true striker. He might be a better fit than Lukaku for Tuchel's squad as he is a more lethal striker and brings more pace to the table.

Chelsea will reportedly only submit a final bid for Haaland if they know Dortmund and Haaland would accept it. Meaning if an official bid is made for Haaland it would be pretty much a done deal.

It makes sense that this informal offer was already rejected by Dortmund because it very well might have spurred the movement towards making Lukaku the number one priority. But, no reports have come out that have said the deal is done, so the hope for Haaland to Chelsea can continue. 

An important part of the Haaland deal is reportedly he has a release clause that activates in the summer of 2022 for around $90 to $120 million. Will Dortmund look to sell before that gets triggered? Or will they hold on to Haaland for as long as they can?

Looking at the Lukaku deal, this one might be just as hard to pull off for the Blues. Even though news about Chelsea’s interest in Haaland has been more popular, it's reported that Lukaku is now their number one target for a striker. While Haaland might be a better fit for the Blues, Lukaku being a target man could work out just as well. Lukaku is under contract with Milan until 2024. 

Lukaku has been one of the best forwards in soccer since making his move to Inter Milan where he has gone on to score 64 goals in just 95 outings for Milan. 

His stock also rose after an excellent performance at the 2020 Euros where he played a big role in helping Belgium advance to the quarterfinals. He has progressively improved throughout his career and now you could safely say he is one of the best forwards in the world. If he joined Chelsea it wouldn’t be his first time with the club as he first arrived at Stamford Bridge at 17 years old where he would only see the pitch 15 times for the senior team. 

Chelsea has reportedly sent two bids over to Inter Milan this summer which have both been rejected, but the Blues haven't given up. The two previous bids were reportedly around $100 million and were rejected. But a new bid sent by Chelsea would include around $120 million USD guaranteed and left-back Marcos Alonso, which was also rejected. Inter believes Chelsea is not done yet and that they will send over another offer. 

Chelsea has been warned by Inter that Lukaku is untouchable, and as of now, no Chelsea offer has reached the amount Milan is happy to accept. But Chelsea seems pretty adamant about signing a new striker and when Chelsea wants its man, the club tends to get it.

Both Lukaku and his club are adamant about being against the transfer, reportedly both parties are happy and not looking for a deal to be made. Inter’s CEO spoke about the deal saying, “From our side, we can say yes absolutely, Lukaku is not for sale. Lukaku is an important piece on the chessboard available to Simone Inzaghi.”

We will see if they hold up to their word or if Milan cash out on Lukaku’s success.

Chelsea seems pretty confident that they could convince both to make the transfer. Milan also already has a skillful backup striker in Lautaro Martinez if Lukaku leaves, although they are fielding offers from Arsenal for him too. This Lukaku deal seems pretty far off from happening, but it has advanced enough to where it wouldn’t be a huge shock if Milan let him go.

If you were a Chelsea supporter who would you want your club to sign, Haaland or Lukaku? Do you think either Milan or Dortmund will sell their man? Will Chelsea be just fine without any added help?

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