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This Greek Goal Line Defense Makes 300 Look Weak

An epic goal line struggle made for an extremely embarrassing conclusion.

It was only two weeks ago when we were treated to one of the most astounding open goal misses in the history of football over in Serbia. The gift of giving to helpless defenses seems to be in the air this holiday season as a Greek fourth division match has offered up its own tragic epic. 

The striker in this situation is spared the blemishes of spooning an effort over while on the goal line, but Makedonikos Kozanis striker Thanasis Takidis contrived to keep his name off the scoresheet in an entirely different manner.

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After taking the ball from the goalkeeper, who seems to realize mid-action that he’s never performed a Cryuff Turn before and must fall over, Takidis is free to gingerly dribble towards goal. 

He appears to be the team’s left midfielder and hopelessly left-footed, but, once again, this is the Greek fourth-tier. Nevertheless, that’s some fantastic last-ditch defending from the man who manages to stuff his effort on the line and then kick out a right foot to deny a followup. 

If you’re a fan of fine forward play, you’ll probably call this one of the worst misses ever. If you’re a fan of defending, it doesn’t get much better than this.

(H/T: 101GreatGoals

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