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This Goalkeeping Own Goal Is Like A Delightful Joke, It Will Never Leave You

A funny thing happened in Blaine, Minnesota on Wednesday night. In fact, it was hilarious. To get you in the mood for the hilarity, here’s a joke involving Minnesota United goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock, the man who provided the humor.

There’s a fire raging in an apartment building and Minnesota United goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock spots a lady trapped with her baby near the top floor. It’s a precarious situation, and the flames are slowly rising to her position. 

“Here! Throw the baby down to me, I’ll catch it - I’m Minnesota’s No. 1 keeper! I’m a professional goalie!” yells Sammy.

The lady thinks about it, uncertain as to whether it’s worth the risk.

“Come on!” screams Sammy. “I’m a starting goalkeeper for Minnesota United, I’ll catch him!”

The flames are rising and the lady is left with no choice but to throw her child towards this sure-handed man, he is, after all, a professional keeper. 

She tosses the baby, and Sammy’s there to gently corral him into his arms — it’s a brilliant catch.

“Yes!” cheers Sammy.

He then proceeds to bounce the child a couple of times and punt him away — goalkeeping job done.

Sammy Ndjock is a goalkeeper. That’s what he does — the 26-year-old has been capped by Cameroon three times, he’s graduated from Lille’s youth categories and played professionally in Turkey for Antalyaspor before signing for Minnesota United in March of 2015.


Forgive the terrible joke, but it just serves to illustrate the nature of goalkeeping — it’s all consuming to the point of madness. 

On Wednesday night, with the eyes of Minnesota fixed on the National Sports Center with the Premier League’s AFC Bournemouth in town, Sammy up and pulled something akin to punting a child.

He hurled the ball into his own net. Yes, under absolutely no pressure whatsoever, Ndjock just chucked the thing into his goal.

Trailing 1-0 in the 26th minute, the keeper ran off his line to claim a ball in his box. Ndjock then motioned for his teammates to get up the pitch — he’s going long, baby!

He then began to throw the ball, appeared to change his mind but couldn’t stop the ball from slipping out of his hand and towards the net. From there, things seemed to begin to move in horrific slow motion.

Both Ndjock and the ball end up nestled in the back of the net, a stunned sold-out ground forced to watch as their goalkeeper attempts to untangle himself and get the ball back out for the restart.

It’s one of the worst own goals in recent memory and set the tone for a 4-0 Bournemouth victory. For MLS-aspiring Minnesota, it was a night to forget.

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