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Gareth Bale Can Lead Wales To Victory Over England

Gareth Bale is already a better leader and winner at 26, than Wayne Rooney has ever been in his almost fifteen year career. That, along with a few other reasons is exactly why Wales will beat England tomorrow.

Bale Wins More On UEFA’s Big Stage:

Gareth Bale has already won two Champions League trophies at Real Madrid. Bale is only 26 and is just about to hit his prime on a Galacticos team that will only continue to spend and remain competitive in the years to come.

Wayne Rooney is 30 and the general consensus appears to be that, Rooney is past it as a striker, but if he can immerse himself into a deeper playmaking role he can play on for a few more years, maybe. Rooney, like Bale, played with Cristiano Ronaldo for a few years too, yet Rooney and Ronaldo only won one Champions League title together, showing already, Bale wins more often on the bigger stage and most importantly, when it really counts. 

Bale Has Led Wales to Its First Major Tournament in 58 Years:

To say what Bale and his Welsh teammates have achieved by qualifying for this tournament is incredible and historical, would still be an understatement. Wales have always been a pretty dour side to watch during previous European and World Cup Championship qualifiers. Before the generation of Bale, Ramsey and Hennesey Wales had only ever made it to the 1958 World Cup and perhaps fitting, exactly 58 years later, Bale and his Welsh wizards are at a major tournament, and not just to watch either. Wales are an outside contender and could shock the big boys, England then should be a piece of cake tomorrow.

Wayne Rooney and England always have it pretty easy when it comes to qualifying for big tournaments and it usually shows. England often finishes atop of their group, with a perfect record to boot. With competition like: Switzerland, Estonia and Lithuania it is certainly not too much to ask from Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere and his high-earning supporting cast. 

Wales had to face: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Israel, not necessarily as easy of a task to qualify for the tiny nation. 

Bale Can Become What Rooney Never Was:

And lastly, perhaps most simply is that Gareth Bale is a better player today than Wayne Rooney ever was or ever will be. Bale possesses pace and creativity that Rooney has never matched and with the Championship winning experiences he is gaining at Real Madrid there is no telling just how far he can lead Wales tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament.

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