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Freddy Adu Is Now A Polish Publicity Stunt

Leave it to Sandecja Nowy Sacz coach Radoslaw Mroczkowski to produce one of the most damning statements of Freddy Adu’s absurd career.

“What is the point of having such a player?” Mroczkowski asked rhetorically


Adu, 28, has been a publicity stunt for half his life, joining DC United at 14 and being hailed as the American Pele. His career has had little substance, playing for 13 clubs in eight countries. So it’s no surprise a club no one in America has heard of would try to gain some notoriety by inquiring about the services of the player who has been without a club since being dropped by the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the NASL. 


Except, Sandecja, a Polish club, never told its coach.

“It's a joke," Mroczkowski said. "I read in the media about his trial. I asked the sporting director why he did not tell me anything (about Adu). After all, he sent me a text message that there ‘will be a player on trial’ and that they all knew. Marketing knew, the staff at the club knew. ... Only the coach did not know who the trialist was."

Mroczkowski said he had no interest in giving Adu a trial and instead suggested the marketing team test him out.

“I understand if it was some guy with experience, in success, with a clear strategy,” Mroczkowski said. “But let's be serious. Is this supposed to be a strategy?”


Adu, if you couldn’t tell, has not turned into the American Pele, though he’s almost as ubiquitous. If you ask random people on the street, more people would be able to identify Adu as a soccer player than Michael Bradley. 

But at the moment, Adu is just desperate to play. The one-time prodigy has been reduced to being insulted by both a coach and a club who 99 percent of Americans can’t even fathom how to pronounce. 

Even if Mroczkowski doesn’t allow him on the team, at least Adu can always fall back on his movie reviews.

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