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France Squeaks By Albania To Stay Undefeated At Euro 2016

It is not easy to keep up the pressure in the heat of Marseilles. Especially if your opponents play with discipline and commitment.

Albania went onto the field with the focus reserved for the most important of games, and they immediately showed it. The Balkans awre spurred on by a wall of fans who came all the way to the Velodrome of Marseilles to support their country. A great sight.

Albania put on such a fight that France regretted not having their big names on the field. Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann started the game on the bench.

After a difficult first half, Deschamps realized he needs Paul to get by this one. Pogba brought a breath of fresh air at the start of the second half, and so did Griezmann when he wass finally called on the field in the 68th minute. It was clear then that the tables had turned and the heroic underdogs had to deal with some of the best players at the tournament.

Griezmann scored in the 90th minute and then Dimitri Payet sealed it in the 95th. The game made fans wonder what France would be without Le Petite Diable and Pogba. 

France will need a more convincing display, as the jeering and booing fans underlined at the end of the first half. Romania and Albania put up a great show, but let us not forget that France is one of the teams expected to win this tournament. Not living up to their name so far.

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