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Five-Time World Player Of The Year Marta Is Eyeing Her Greatest Achievement Yet

Marta is approaching the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics like a woman possessed. She sees the chance to win gold in her home country as the culmination of her life’s work, and she credits her “stubbornness” with putting her in this position.

Marta took to social networking service LinkedIn to explain her emotions heading into the Olympic games.

“The hurdles to face were tremendous,” said Marta. “Just think about it: In my country, the so-called ‘Country of Soccer’, my sport is still seen as an amateur endeavor.”

Marta believes that female Brazilian soccer players are still fighting in the face of “neglect of both the leaders and, why not say it, the macho society.”

Opposition to women’s soccer has been to the detriment of having a professional league in Brazil.


However, Marta says her combative nature and stubborn approach to getting what she wants has allowed her to overcome any obstacles. 

She’s the five-time FIFA World Player of the Year, she’s scored 100 goals for Brazil (including 15 goals in World Cups) and she’s played professionally in Brazil, Sweden and America.

At the age of 30, Marta will be one of Brazil’s more experienced heads this summer. She’s joined by other Brazilian mainstays like Cristiane, Formiga and Fabiana. 

“Having the opportunity to defend the yellow jersey in yet another competition, and one of this scale, to me seems like an award for all the sweat I shed throughout my career . . . I feel that my entire career was written just for me to get here,” said Marta.

Regardless of how things pan out for Brazil, Marta's legacy as the greatest female soccer player of all-time looks certain to last. 

“I think this is how you should manage your career: Focusing on the doors that open; with special attention to the future that is drawn, always trying to anticipate the rough plays, but with your memories always honed in on your roots, so that life will not let you forget who you really are.” 

(H/T: LinkedIn

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