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The Five Best Euro 2016 Songs

It's time for another international tournament in the form of the European Championships, and while Euro 2016 songs are sparse, they're not nonexistent. 

Euro 2016 Songs

While rare, some artists still like to write football anthems, such as Sean Ryder of Black Grape. Photo: @NME | Twitter

Although the days of the rousing anthems are mostly behind us, there are still a few songs——some official, some not so official — that are enough to get the blood pumping and the foot tapping. With the tournament due to start this Friday, we decided to start pumping the jams in preparation for what is sure to be an exciting tournament. 

Official Euro 2016 track - David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson - This One's For You 

This is the official track for Euro 2016, produced by French DJ David Guetta with Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson. One million fans helped record the song through the use of a special app, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly spectacular. It's pretty generic and it doesn't really have a whole lot to do with football but whatever. It could have been worse. 

BBC Euro 2016 Coverage Theme - La Foule - Performed by Izzy Bizu and the BBC Concert Orchestra

Oh. Ooooh. Now this is what we're talking about. Leave it to the BBC to come up with the classiest song of the tournament. Izzy Bizu absolutely slays the vocals on this famous French song, and the composition is just perfect. C'est magnifique. 

England - Four Lions - We Are England

No official England song unfortunately, but it's O.K., because Black Grape bandmates Shaun Ryder and Kermit teamed up with Goldie and Paul Oakenfold for England's unofficial Euro 2016 song. The song has a unique, driving reggae-esque feel to it, and it does have a chanty, old-school vibe to boot. Not bad lads. Not bad. 

Ireland - Seo Linn - The Irish Roar

It' Seriously, if I had one vision in my head of what an Irish Euro 2016 song would sound like, it was probably this. It certainly serves its purpose. It is incredibly catchy and definitely pumps you up. 

Wales - Manic Street Preachers - Together Stronger (C'mon Wales) 

Probably the cheesiest song of the bunch, but we can't begrudge the Welshmen for that. It certainly captures the spirit of those old school anthems. Plus, there is nothing more hilarious than watching wee Joe Allen pogo about in the background. 

France - Skip The Use - I Was Made For Loving You My Team (KISS Cover)

This is just bizarre. France's song is a cover of an American rock song, written by KISS, and sung in English. Confused? Yep, so are we, and so apparently was the French cultural minister. The only video we could find of this was one where a strange, bow-tied Frenchman, who kind of looks like Hugh Laurie, narrates his opinion over it. Apparently, they can steal American songs, but they won't let us Americans watch them on Youtube. Seriously, what is happening? Is this real life?

Northern Ireland - Will Grigg Is On Fire

Unofficial as f*** but this is probably the best football chant ever written. The Wigan fan who wrote it even won a free season ticket, and now it has spread to the national team. Even if it isn't the official Northern Ireland song, it bloody well should be. 

Honorable mentions

Wales - The Barry Horns - This Is Wales

Germany - Herbert Gronemeyer and Felix Jaehn - Jeder Fur Jeden (skip to end of video)

Ireland - Thai Tims - Ireland Euro 2016 

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