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Fiance Sticks Up For Player Victimized By Greedy Club

Newcastle United has not done a lot to win loyalty from its fans. The club’s owner, Mike Ashley, has lacked ambition and has been notoriously cheap. The club’s previous manager, Alan Pardew, managed to gain a reputation for being egotistical to a fault, just in time for him to be fired. This proud tradition has seemingly been carried on by Newcastle’s Davide Santon’s loan to Inter. 

Newcastle is being accused of forcing Santon out, but those accusations might not be coming from where you expect. Davide Santon’s fiancé, Chloe Sanderson, went on a bit of a twitter rant concerning the mistreatment of her husband-to-be. Say what you will about WAGs, this lady knows her stuff and is not afraid to say it.    

All quotes are taken from tweets of hers which have since been deleted. 

“Disgusted with how Davide has been treated, fully fit for a while now with no chance to play- a club whose only intentions are to make ££.”

“Just to put it out there, Davide declined Inter Milan’s first offer but was pushed out by Newcastle United to leave…Newcastle as good as told him if he stayed he didn’t have a place in the team.”

“This is not just a loan, it’s a loan with obligation to buy...

“They tried to deny it this morning, to keep it on the down low... so other teams wouldn’t put in an offer for JUST a loan, because Davide would have preferred that. To stay in the premier league, but Newcastle would have lost the guaranteed buy and money.”

“They are a business not a club. And as long as they keep losing players with the passion davide had..they are killing nufc, and killing the support from the fans who stick around after all the s***.”

You know, she sounds an awful lot like a Newcastle fan, doesn’t she? All that’s really missing is a “Mike A$hley” here and a “#PardewOut” there. Although we guess that last one isn’t really relevant anymore, is it? 

In all seriousness, however, it is good to hear a wife stick up for her husband like this. It shows the type of spousal support that reality TV would have you believe doesn’t exist in the lives of the rich.  

Of course, there is no way to know for certain how Newcastle treated Santon. The club certainly has no reason to tell the truth, and since the loan has been made of official, Santon himself has said that he wasn’t forced out, but merely “asked [to leave] for a couple of hours.” That is a professional act of saving face, not a legitimate confession. 

We will sooner see Mike Ashley sell Newcastle than know the certain truth about this transfer, but that’s alright. We have a feeling Chloe said all that we needed to hear. 

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