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Chelsea’s Decision To Sack Thomas Tuchel Shocked The Internet — Here Were The Best Reactions

Chelsea parted ways with its UEFA Champions League winning manager Thomas Tuchel on Wednesday shocking just about everybody. A slow start to the season coupled with a disastrous loss to Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League opener was enough for Tuchel to get the axe.

The decision from Chelsea and its American owner Todd Boehly to part ways with Tuchel was surprising to say the least. The club spent roughly $310 million on players during the summer transfer window that the German manager specifically wanted for this season’s plans. Now a new boss will have to inherit Tuchel’s players.

Chelsea’s 2022-23 season was only 33 days young when the London club made the managerial decision. Brighton’s Graham Potter looks the most likely to be next in line for the Chelsea manager throne.

The internet made its opinion heard loud and clear — as if the internet has ever not felt the need to share an opinion — the Tuchel sacking reaction was not approved.

Reaction To Tuchel Sacking

An elaborate fake tweet posing as Christian Pulisic was created in response to the Tuchel sacking, and I almost fell for it.

Fake Pulisic Tweet After Tuchel Sacking

Most Pulisic and USMNT fans couldn’t be more pleased with the news of Tuchel’s departure. The American star was severely limited in playing time to begin the 2022-23 season and now could have a chance to regain a starting role with the club. There is also a possibility Chelsea's new manager hates Pulisic and never plays him.

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