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This Famous Oscar Winner Is An Americanista

This past weekend was a weekend to remember for Americanistas all around.

Club America made it past Pumas in the Capital Derby, beating UNAM 1-0 to mount pressure on league leaders Tijuana. But the weekend wasn’t over for Los Aguilas; the cherry on top for the team was Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu's 2015 Oscar win for Best Director. The famous Mexican took home the award with elated applause from his peers for his work in directing the movie, Birdman. It’s the second year a Mexican has won the same award; last year's winner was Alfonso Cuaron for his work on the movie Gravity. The only difference this time was that Iñárritu is a proud Club America fan.

If only could direct Los Aguilas to consecutive Liga MX league titles, then the Americanistas would truly rejoice. Iñárritu is without a doubt a soccer fan. The director played with the Pan-American University soccer team and he grew up in a Club America household. His father was an avid Aguilas fan and sure enough, he passed the passion over to his sons.

Another reason for Liga MX sides to envy the league title-holders.

Los Aguilas striker Oribe Peralta would be a great leading actor in one of Inarritu's films. (Photo: @CF_America | Twitter)

A bit about the movie Birdman, the movie centers itself on an actor whose past his prime, who tries to resurrect one of his most famous cinematic personas. His opportunity to do so comes in the form of a Broadway play. Getting the chance to relive his life, he tries to build on his past relationships.

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