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The Face-Save Is The Newest Trend In Soccer

Soccer, like all sports, is a game of unpredictability. No two situations are alike, and players must constantly be willing to adapt in order to succeed. This season, the pinnacle of this adaptation is the face-save by the most trend-forward goal keepers across the globe. 

Nothing says “I am a team player” like putting your face in front of a rocket of a shot when no other part of your body can comply. Your face didn’t choose to save the ball, the ball chose your face. That makes it cool, and it makes it hilarious. Are you starting to understand why face-saves are so hot right now among keepers? Good, because we wouldn’t want to waste these prime examples on the uninitiated. 

5. Ben Mee                                                                          

Ben Mee laid it all out on the line. He didn’t know that laying it all out on the line would enshrine him in face-save glory, but that is the point. He didn’t try to be cool, he just is. 

4. Unknown Hero

Judging by the distance that the rebound travels, this unknown champion of the face-save might as well have a face cast out of solid steel. That would also explain why he wasn’t phased in the slightest, and jumped right back up to deal with that aforementioned rebound landing at the feet of an attacker. 

3. The Classic                                                                     

This video has been floating around in the inter webs for as long as we can remember, but only now can we truly appreciate how ahead of its time it truly was. Those 5 seconds are pure. We can only attempt to understand their greatness…by watching them over and over again.  

2. Nick Rimando, Legend                              

Because it wouldn’t be a true part of the sport if such a thing didn’t exist. 

1. Depor Keeper Fabricio Gets Hit By Sniper Fire Saves With His Face

This happened just this past weekend, and already the legend of it grows. Rumor has it that this man is now called “The Hero of Depor.” If you look closely, you can see him crying tears of joy. He understands gravity of the feat he has just accomplished, and he couldn’t help but be moved by it.  

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the movement that is the face-save, have no fear, you are not alone. Of those goal keepers who carry out the craft, some are born, some are made, and some have face-saves thrust upon them. 

Not all can deal with it.

In remembrance of the man, the myth, the legend; Scott Sterling, who died in an imaginary hospital this past week due to complications from severe imaginary head trauma he received while saving 5 imaginary penalties in a row. This article is dedicated to his imaginary friends and family.

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