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Haaland lets his freak flag fly, sets record for most goals in a 38-game EPL season

After watching Manchester City's 4-1 beatdown of Arsenal on Wednesday, you might be tempted to say the only difference between the two sides is Kevin De Bruyne (two goals, one assist) and Erling Haaland (one goal, two assists), but when you consider the ludicrous amount of quality those two possess then the three-goal margin sounds about right.

The 31-year-old De Bruyne turned in a memorable performance. With Rodri and İlkay Gündoğan controlling the middle, Jack Grealish on the left, Bernardo Silva on the right and Haaland up top, De Bruyne was effectively allowed to do whatever he pleased. Pep Guardiola trusted him to exploit Arsenal's weaknesses and the Belgian ultimately tore them to shreds.

Kevin De Bruyne first goal vs. Arsenal 

Kevin De Bruyne second goal vs. Arsenal 

Up top, Haaland was trodding on Gabriel and Rob Holding like a T-Rex escaped from his paddock at Jurassic Park. The only criticism you could level at Haaland is that he didn't convert any of his first five shots, but his sixth found the back of the net.

It was a glorious goal for two reasons: (1) With 33 Premier League goals this campaign, he's now scored the most ever in a 38-game EPL season, and (2) he scored this goal after taking the hair tie out and letting his freak flag fly. 

Look at it bouncing and flouncing with some decidedly janky looking physics — the universe's properties don't know how to account for this man. 

With seven matches to play, Haaland could reach 40.

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You wouldn't bet against City winning a third straight EPL title now.

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