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Penalty Gods Give England Redemption With BS Call Against Germany To Tie 1-1

England tied Germany 1-1 on Tuesday in the UEFA Nations League with Harry Kane converting a controversial penalty in the 88th minute to earn the Three Lions a draw. The England penalty vs Germany was a soft call and had hints of Kane being offside.

The penalty kick gods must’ve felt guilty about the spot kick that Hungary was gifted against England in the previous Nations League game. In response to that awful penalty kick call the gods gave England a bogus call of their own in the dying seconds against Germany.

England Penalty vs Germany

The offside in question took place before the incident with Kane going down. Jack Grealish sent a ball forward and when he made that pass Kane was offside. However, because a German defender played the ball backward after Grealish's pass, Kane was counted as onside again. Totally not confusing.

In this humble writer’s opinion, I believe the non-offside call is correct. I don’t agree with the penalty call. There was certainly a tangling of legs between Kane and Nico Schlotterbeck, but to call that a penalty is pretty harsh.

England won’t care how they equalized as the Three Lions avoided suffering successive defeats for the first time in four years.

Tuesday’s game was back and forth with both sides getting clean looks at goal throughout the game. Germany’s Jonas Hofmann scored his third career international goal in the 50th minute to give his side the lead.

Kane was so close to equalizing for England in the 76th minute but Manuel Neuer had other ideas.

Kane was itching for a goal all day. The penalty goal he scored puts him at 50 for England in his career. He surpassed legend Bobby Charlton on England’s all-time scoring list and is only three goals behind Wayne Rooney to become his county’s greatest ever goal scorer.

England’s next game will be a Euro final rematch against Italy on June 11. England will need some goals as they sit bottom of their Nations League group behind Italy, Hungary and Germany.

Germany and Hungary also play on June 11.

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