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Empty Old Trafford Is Trending Again

Following Manchester United’s dismal opening-day defeat at home to Brighton, United’s fans have made their frustration and anger known online. For quite some time the fanbase has been upset with the club's ownership, but a recent movement on Twitter is hoping to use social media to send a public message. 

The hashtag #EmptyOldTrafford is being used by United fans to promote a boycott of the club’s upcoming match against Liverpool. Supporters are aware this is an extremely harsh step, but in their eyes it needs to be done. An empty stadium would hark back to the days of lockdown in the UK, creating an eerie and awful atmosphere for what should be one of the biggest matches on United’s calendar. 

Most posts are using the same graphic, depicting a hoard of supporters walking together in protest with a cloud of smoke above them. Many are accompanied by slogans of disapproval and disdain for the situation the club has found itself in. Fans are coming together to ensure their voices are heard. If all goes to plan, the largest club stadium in the Premier League will be empty on Aug. 22. No noise, no cheering — it will be a somber and abysmal day for the club. 

In fairness, this movement has happened before. The Glazer family, which owns Manchester United, has been the subject of a tremendous amount of hatred and vitriol. In the past, these calls for protest and boycott have come to no avail, but this time fans are determined to embarrass their club on the biggest stage for the betterment of their club. To quote Twitter user @BreezyUTD: “Short term pain for long term gain.”

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