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Opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo scored a game-winner for Al-Nassr — should we even care?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal for Al-Nassr on Tuesday to complete a two-goal comeback against third-place Al-Shabab and keep his side in the race for the Saudi Pro League title.

Ronaldo’s goal was solid as he nestled the ball into the side netting after he bodied an Al-Shabab defender who flew like a ragdoll onto the turf.

CR7 received high praise from the soccer-sphere for his goal.

Ronaldo goal vs. Al-Shabab

Perhaps I’m just a crotchety negative nelly who can’t see the glass half-full side of things, but I just don’t find Ronaldo scoring in Saudi Arabia’s Pro League to be a massive accomplishment to celebrate over and over again. This was his 14th goal in 15 league appearances.

I saw news outlets describe Tuesday’s goal as “a stunner” and use phrases like “vintage Ronaldo” or “Ronaldo rolled back the years.” Sure he’s 38 years old, but he’s still one of the best players in the world going up against players most people have never heard of.

Is a goal like this really something to ogle over? No one bats an eye if any Saudi player scores a goal like this in the league, but if CR7 does it then light the media fire because everyone is going to lose their minds.

I've written several times now about CR7 scoring for Al-Nassr and it just feels a little repetitive and forced.

Ronaldo said that the Saudi Pro League could become a top league in the world but isn’t quite there yet.

When you put a player of Ronaldo’s caliber in a league that has been ranked as the 58th best league in the world it’s no wonder he’s only six goals away from the Golden Boot despite joining in January.

I suppose at the end of the day for media outlets, The18 included, it’s all about clicks and engagement. It’s a blueprint formula of when Ronaldo scores a goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo + whatever he did + overdramatic adjective. 

Thankfully for me the Saudi Pro League season only has two matchdays left so I'll get a break from having to read about some extreme out of this world mind-boggling thing Ronaldo did against Al-Khaleej that week.

What is your opinion on the matter? Do you personally care if Ronaldo scores in Saudi Arabia?

I will end things on a positive note and put some of the spotlight on Ronaldo’s celebration after he scored on Tuesday. Before doing his usual “SIUUU” celebration he performed a Sujud which is the act of bowing facing the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, done in standardized prayers in the Islamic faith.

This was a cool nod to the players and fans of the league he’s playing in, and I tip my hat to him for the classy gesture.

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