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Not even Thibaut ‘spaghetti limbs’ Courtois could save Real Madrid from unstoppable City

In the battle between Thibaut Courtois and Erling Haaland the Real Madrid keeper came up victorious. Alas he couldn’t keep out the relentless hordes of Manchester City attacks as the defending Premier League champions won 4-0 (5-1 on aggregate) to book their ticket to the UEFA Champions League final on Wednesday.

City deserve all the credit for their victory. They outclassed Real Madrid on every inch of the field. The area of most difficulty was trying to get past Courtois in goal.

The 31-year-old Belgian was super Haaland’s kryptonite as he brilliantly denied City’s top scorer on three separate occasions.

Courtois saves vs Haaland

Before the game got out of hand Courtois was looking like the MVP. In the 13th minute he was able to make himself big to deny a Haaland header from point-blank range.

Nine minutes later Courtois produced an even better save with an outstretched hand. Things were looking similar to how Courtois performed against Liverpool in the 2022 UCL final.

Courtois’ final save on Haaland came in the 73rd minute while Madrid trailed 2-0. There was still an outside chance of a Madrid comeback, and he did well to stump Europe’s golden boy once again.

Had it not been for Courtois this game likely would've finished 6 or 7-0.

Let’s look at the goals he did concede.

Manchester City goal No. 1

Good luck to any goalkeeper saving that Bernardo Silva rocket.

Manchester City goal No. 2

Unfortunate deflection. Can’t do much there.

Manchester City goal No. 3

Nothing Mr. Spaghetti could have done there.

Manchester City goal No. 4

When your defense treats like a sopping-wet rag on a summer’s day and leave you out to dry you're bound to concede one.

City will advance to their second-ever final and try to claim the Champions League title that had evaded them for so many years. Inter Milan are all that stands between City and European glory.

The final will be played on Saturday, June 10 at 3 p.m. ET in Istanbul, Turkey.

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