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Colorado Rapids Have The Best Secondary Jerseys In The MLS

The secondary jersey for the Colorado Rapids just has everything in it that you would look for in jerseys that are representative of state flags. One of the most beautiful and well-designed flags in the United States is the Colorado state flag, and the new jerseys definitely depict that. All the way from the blue sleeves, to the gold torso you can find the additional pieces of this jersey that make it such a well done jersey.

The first modification to the jersey that catches everybody's eye is the Colorado "C" at the bottom corner of the jersey. Before, it was the actual full Colorado flag, but I feel that if you are practically wearing the flag itself in every game, you don't need more emphasis on the actual flag. 

Another component of the new jersey that is really nice is the classic addition of the "5280" on the sleeves of the jersey. As many people know, the 5280 is a tribute to the city of Denver itself, as the Mile High City's elevation is 5,280 feet above sea level.


On the previous jersey, the Colorado flag was located at the bottom right corner. This season though, Adidas decided to move it to the back of the jersey on the back neck area. This gives the jersey a clean and simple look.

The modification of the logo is a fairly nice touch as well. Some Rapids fans may not enjoy the logo being touched (which is understandable), but personally I find the modification as  a fresh touch that fits fairly well with the overall design of the jersey.

Last, but certainly not least, is the silver star on top of the Rapids logo. The silver star for the Rapids' 2010 MLS Cup.

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