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Colombia vs. Uruguay Was A Good Old-Fashioned Mudder And We Could Not Be Happier

We love a good mudder.

Colombia and Uruguay drew 2-2 Tuesday in what could only be called a mudder, a World Cup qualifier played in a driving rainstorm in which no player's jersey emerged clean. It was glorious.

Watch these highlights and then meet us on the other side. We're going to talk about mudders some more.

Four goals were scored in this game. The first two were headers from set pieces. The third was a result of Luis Suarez chasing a long ball and (cleanly) throwing a Colombian defender to the ground. The last was a beautiful header that only happened because Alvaro Arbeloa got caught ball-watching.


It was not a soccer game that you would call pretty or even well-played, but it was entertaining as hell because it was a mudder and it was insane.

The weather and pitch conditions made traction impossible to get, and that plus animosity between the teams meant at every moment every player was in danger of ending up flat on his ass. Everything was wet, everything was sloppy and each team had players who thrive in this sort of environment. The outcome came down to which team was willing to get dirtier and it turned out both teams were willing to go as far as possible.

Hopefully, the next time Colombia and Uruguay meet in a World Cup quaifier, it snows. Now that would be fun.

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