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Club America Kicks Player In The Head, Gets Destroyed 3-0

Costa Ricans are, quite frankly, killing it in the world of soccer. They only lost outright once in all of 2014. Their national team took the world by surprise this past summer in Brazil. There is not an honest person in the world who can say that they actually thought that Costa Rica could have gotten out of a group that included Uruguay, England, and Italy, make it to the quarterfinals, and come within a few penalty kicks of making it to the semifinals. Their national team can boast players from La Liga, the Eredivisie, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and the MLS. And their domestic league isn’t doing too shabby either.

The latest rendition of Costa Rica’s dominance came as Herediano of the Costa Rican Primera Division played Club America, one of the biggest clubs this side of the Atlantic. Ironically, the Costa Ricans hadn’t even scored a goal before Club America turned things towards the violent.  

That was Michael Arroyo stomping Herediano’s Christian Lagos leg, causing him so tumble to the ground, followed by Pablo Goltz nearly burying his right boot into Lagos’ temple. Luckily death was avoided, and the gods of everything evil had to settle for a brawl that ended pretty quickly considering it broke out over the near-death of a player. Regardless, it’s more than we, or Lagos, bargained for. 

Karma would be victorious on the night. Herediano would end up winning 3-0 against a 10 man America. 

Full highlights below.

H/T DirtyTackle

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