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Chicharito Defends Juan Carlos Osorio On Twitter After Xenophobic Fan Video Surfaces

After Mexico was upset by Jamaica in the CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals, Manager Juan Carlos Osorio was met at the airport in Mexico City by angry fans who shouted for Osorio to "go back to his country" (Colombia). Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, the Mexico National Team's all-time leading scorer, defended his coach on Twitter. 


The full statement in English:

It’s incredible. I’m speechless on seeing the video of Profe Osorio arriving in Mexico. It made me embarrassed, angry and, even more than that, really sad. I may regret what I’m about to say, but even other coaches that have behaved worse and have had similar results haven’t been received like that. And this coach, with human integrity and clear and conclusive statistics is received in that way …

We honestly have to learn a lot, we have to improve, because it’s not possible that a sport makes us behave and react like this, as has happened on others occasions and cases in the past.

Head up, Profe! They’ve wanted the top goal-scorer of all time in the national team (Hernandez) out of the national team.

Head up, Profe. They’ve wanted the only player to win two Champions Leagues and captain three World Cup teams (Rafa Marquez) out at times.

Head up. They wanted our highest and, in my opinion, best reference point for Mexican football, Hugo Sanchez, out of the national team when he played. And they kicked him out (as a coach) for not qualifying for the Olympics when he wasn’t even obligated to manage that team.

Head up, Profe, because honestly those who want to improve this country, want to be better Mexicans, want a Mexico that is better in all respects are more (than those who don’t). And I know that you want the same for our country, even coming from another one.

Mexico has a track record of firing coaches quickly and decisively regardless of how close they are to the next World Cup, and El Tri's performance at the Confederations Cup this summer was seen by many as a disappointment. Osorio was suspended for the Gold Cup. Having Chicharito at his back, though, is a positive sign for Osorio's future.

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