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Cade Cowell misses wide open goal and responds with amazing solo goal past four defenders

The United States U-20 team finished top of Group B at the U-20 World Cup on Friday after a 2-0 victory vs. Slovakia making it three wins in three group stage games. Cade Cowell stole the spotlight against Slovakia with several dazzling runs, a brutal miss and a fantastic solo effort.

He was all over the place in his 72 minutes against Slovakia.

Cade Cowell vs Slovakia

The San Jose Earthquakes phenom nearly opened the scoring in the 27th minute when got on the end of an absurd long ball from Brandan Craig. Cowell got around Slovakia’s goalkeeper and had the goal gaping in front of him, however he had a whiff of epic proportions.

The great Ted Lasso has a policy of “being a goldfish” and having a short-term memory to not dwell on mistakes. Cowell clearly took this to heart because he followed up his poor finish with a stunning solo goal.

His goal provided the USA with some much-needed breathing space as once again they couldn’t finish their chances. When the USA played Fiji on Tuesday, I wrote that the Americans put on a “how not to finish clinic” as they blew chance after chance.

The attacking hiccups carried over into Friday’s showdown with Slovakia as Cowell wasn’t the only player missing big scoring opportunities.

Chelsea goalkeeper Gaga Slonina finally got a taste of action after a quiet game vs. Fiji. In the first half Slonina denied Slovakia a goal with an amazing save on a shot destined for the top corner.

The USA have developed a habit of scoring late goals in stoppage time as they did so against Ecuador and Fiji. Niko Tsakiris kept the trend alive when he made it 2-0 to the USA in the 96th minute.

The USA finish top of Group B and will take on the third-place team from either Group A, C or D. 

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