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FIFA should create an award for the best save of the year and hand it to this Danish goalkeeper

We all love goals. We love them so much that FIFA created an award – The Puskás – to celebrate and crown the best of all, season after season. 

But, hey! Breaking news: scoring goals is not the only thing you need to beat an opponent. There are other elements of the game that are crucial, can be even beautiful and surely can be award-worthy, too. 

Like a sublime goalkeeper save.

I bet you gasp a few times a year when you see a goalie openly showing their athleticism to stop a ball meant to go into the net. Sometimes it could be a gravity-defying dive or a feline reaction that you thought was impossible to replicate for a human being. So why we don't give them recognition? A Yashin, a Banks, a Zoff, an Higuita or whatever you want to call the award.

Goalkeeper Mads Hermansen triple save

Take, for instance, the save made by Danish goalkeeper Mads Hermansen last weekend against FC Nordsjælland.

The Brøndby shot-stopper blocked a penalty in the 88th minute and then scared away two consecutive rebounds in a phenomenal action, one that could have been a strong candidate for winning an award for the 2023 calendar year.

I mean, it was so good that nobody is currently talking about Brøndby's 2-1 defeat, but what the next steps in Hermansen's career will be. 

Embed from Getty Images

And the future seems promising: the goalkeeper was just called-up for the first time to the senior Danish national team, while his name is already being scouted out by some Premier League teams with Everton, Brentford and Fulham among those interested. 

So, after that amazing triple save, we might be hearing one or more things about Hermansen in the next few years. 

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