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Brazil Is Focused On Olympic Gold When They Should Be Focused On Olympic Safety

We can't wait for the Olympics. Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and Brazil is sure to be a wonderful host. It's going to be a safe and fun Olympic games for all involved!

Or not.


Brazil's position on the Olympics seems to be: "Yeah, it's gonna be a clusterf***, but hey, Neymar will be there!"

We are not reassured by this.

As far as we can tell, the danger in Rio can be divided into just two categories, and those are:

1. People

2. Things

Now that we've got that sorted, we'll take them one by one.

People: apparently the Brazilian government can't afford to pay the police and fire departments in Rio, so the city is about to turn into a real life version of "The Purge." Sounds like fun. Maybe they could make that an Olympic event.

Things: mostly referring to germs here. People have mostly been worried about the mosquito-carried Zika virus (which has caused several American athletes to withdraw from the Olympics), and pollution found in the waters surrounding Rio. It turns out, there is something even more fun in the water than garbage and human waste: super bacteria.

According to CNN, drug-resistant bacteria have been found growing off of several of Rio's beaches, including two where Olympic sailing events are scheduled to be held.

The Brazilians, for their part, are optimistic about the conditions. And they have Neymar! The Barcelona forward's inclusion makes Brazil the favorites to take home the gold! Should be fun to watch from a safe location such as Canada!

From the CNN article about superbacteria:

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, said Tuesday that the city was ready to start the Games.

"They will be a maximum success in this beautiful city of ours," Nuzman said.  


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