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Bayern Munich Threw The Weirdest Christmas Party Of All Time

We don't know if the party Bayern Munich threw for Christmas was drug-induced, but it sure seems like it. This video, originally from Robert Lewandowski's Instagram account, shows part of the festivites.

The rest, we can only guess at, but this does not seem like an activity that was thrown together by sober people. At least, that was our impression, which seemed to be shared by Arjen Robben. 

Robben Reaction

Photo: 101greatgoals | Twitter

Robben does not appear to be very excited about the lunatic jumping around in a balloon suit while The Hampster Dance plays in the background. Of course, this reaction could have been aimed toward the leaf blower guy.

Leaf Blower Guy

Photo: @BrooksDT | Twitter 

Sadly, there is no video of him that we can find, but we're sure he was tremendous.

Back to the video: it raises a lot of questions in our minds. How does one go about acquiring such a suit? Does one buy it at a store? Order it online? Have it custom-made? Make it one's self? And is performing an insane jumping dance while encapsulated in a bizarre balloon costume this gentleman's full time job? If so, what does he do with his spare time? If not, what is his full time job, and why did he pick this as a hobby?

On the Bayern side, why were these particular gentlemen hired for the party? Surely there could have been something more normal they could have found. Germany is a big country, after all. And the soundtrack. Why The Hampster Dance? Why the most annoying song ever written and then made famous by the Internet, narrowly beating out Friday and Peanut Butter Jelly Time? Wouldn't 99 Luftballons be the appropriate choice here?

So many questions, so few answers. But the question we really want to know is: Can we hire these guys for our Christmas party? 


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