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Barcelona Maybe Can't Afford Messi, Suarez And Neymar

Barcelona apparently are running a huge deficit, and the only way to fix it might be to sell one of their superstars.

Barcelona have perhaps the greatest forward line ever assembled, but for how much longer?

According to The Sun (so take this information with however many grains of salt you feel are appropriate), Barcelona's wage bill is 73 percent of its total revenue.

The Sun also reported that Barca are planning a £423 million renovation of the Camp Nou.

These two factors, if true, put Barcelona in a tricky position, financially, a position that could see them forced to sell off one of their vaunted attacking trio in order to balance the books.

So who would it be? Who would they sell?

Would Barcelona sell Messi?

In our opinion, he's the least likely to go. He's the best player in the world, and of the three he's been at Barcelona the longest, having come up through La Masia.

On the flip side, he's also the one who could command the highest price. The Messi brand alone would bring in a ton of money for whichever team he would go to, and therefore Barcelona would rake in money if they sold him. 

Still probably not going to happen, though.


Neymar could conceivably fetch as high of a price as Messi, just because he's five years younger. He was jusrt nominated for the Ballon d'Or for the first time, deservedly, so if Barcelona sell him, their long-term success on the field could be threatened. 


The most likely to go, just because he's the oldest and has been at Barca for the shortest period of time. Also, he's the most likely to bite and/or racially abuse people. That said, he would fetch the lowest price.

Barca's financial problems could be overblown, but if they're not, MSN will not last much longer.


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