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Arsene Wenger Sings Disney Classic Let It Go, Silences Haters, Wins Grammy

OK, Arsene Wenger has seen a veritable avalanche of fan backlash this season. After year-after-year of 4th place finishes, Gooners everywhere were hoping that this season would be the first since Theirry Henry graced the side that Arsenal would string together an entire campaign of consistency. No more half seasons of mediocrity followed by title winning form. No more star players forcing their way out to Barcelona or Manchester United. No more.

Well, as you likely know, that just hasn’t been the case. Injuries, drops in form, and undisciplined defending have left Arsenal squandering in 6th place domestically, and shooting par for the course in Europe by advancing unconvincingly out of the group stages. 

So, in the face of all of the criticism he has faced, in an answer to all of the fans that want Arsene Wenger’s head, what does the man who revolutionized the Premier League have to say? “Let it go.”

All right, Arsene did not sing that song. He probably would not enjoy his serious plight being made into a laughing matter with a phony French accent (Is that you, French Count Chocula? ) and a Disney anthem, but the arguments found in the lyrics have some merit in defending Wenger: Stop bringing up Cesc, or RVP, they are never coming back; and yes, things are bad right now, but they may get better once the squad is healthy. Just look at last week's fixtures, where Arsenal cruised to dual 4-1 victories versus Newcastle and Galatasaray. Nevermind the fact that Arsenal has only lost to Newcastle once in the last 15 Premier League meetings.

The hate surrounding Wenger has reached a boiling point. As is shown in the beginning of the video, he was recently verbally abused by so-called Arsenal “fans” at a train station in the aftermath of his team’s loss to Stoke. In the face of such vitriol, the comedic nature of this video may actually win Arsene some support.

The supporters who verbally abused Arsene, and those who agree with them, came off as ignorant, classless a**holes. This video also makes them look like a joke on top of it all. 

They just need to let it go, you know?  

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