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Arsenal Fans Are Already Crying About Saturday’s North London Derby Against Tottenham

Gooners aren’t pleased with the choice of referee for their match against Spurs this weekend.

Arsenal fans are a sensitive lot. They want to think their club is the best in the world, even though it hasn’t been the best in England in well over a decade. They want to think their club plays the prettiest football in the league, even though that torch has long-since been passed to Manchester City. They want to think their club reigns supreme in North London, but as of last season that is no longer the case. When things don’t go their way, they go on Arsenal Fan TV and bitch, moan, grumble, whine, criticize and scream Wenger out. 

Heading into the North London Derby against arch rival Tottenham, Gooners are already complaining. The Premier League announced Monday referee Mike Dean would be officiating the Arsenal vs. Tottenham match on Saturday. Gunners fans were not pleased, given the poor record Arsenal has in matches officiated by Dean.

Dean is a bit of an eccentric referee, which has not won him many fans in the red half of North London. He’s twice been caught “celebrating” Tottenham goals in bizarre fashion, including one scored against Arsenal. 

Some Tottenham fans were also worried about the appointment, but they were mostly drowned out by the Arsenal tweets about Dean.

Arsenal hasn’t lost at home to Tottenham since 2010, Arsene Wenger’s only home defeat to the Spurs. However, the Gunners have yet to beat a Mauricio Pochettino-coached Tottenham team outside of a meaningless League Cup match in 2015. 

Mike Dean will be the center of attention until the match kicks off, but chances are after the 90 minutes are up Arsenal fans will be back to yelling Wenger In/Out and either praising Alexis Sanchez’s commitment or denouncing Mesut Ozil’s lack of effort.  

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