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Apparently Atlanta's New MLS Team Wants Andres Guardado And Carlos Vela

Could Andres Guardado and Carlos Vela be headed to Atlanta United in the near future? It's possible, according to ESPN.

SB Nation's Atlanta United Blog, Dirty South Soccer, reported that John Sutcliffe, ESPN's Mexico National Team insider, had said that ATL United is interested in the two Mexico standouts (ESPN has evidently removed the video).

From Dirty South Soccer:

Sutcliffe broke the news while reporting from a media event at the site of Mercedes-Benz Stadium ahead of Saturday's match between Mexico and Paraguay at the Georgia Dome. Sutcliffe, who is widely considered one of the the best sources on Mexican soccer, in his report is translated as saying, "I know from good sources they [Atlanta United] are going after Andres Guardado and also, Carlos Vela. They have an advantage as the new LA team (LAFC) will not start until 2018."

Well, then. Consider us intrigued. Vela, we could see happening. He's been largely dissapointing in Spain and probably needs a fresh start. Guardado, on the other hand, is Mexico's captain and has been ripping The Netherlands apart for PSV during the past few seasons. If he's going anywhere, it's to a bigger European club. You don't go to MLS a year after winning the Eredivisie Player of the Year award. You just don't.

Or maybe he will. It's up to him.

(H/T Dirty South Soccer)

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