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Robert Lewandowski's Wife Hints Move To MLS

Could Robert Lewandowski be the latest European star to make a move to MLS? According to his wife, Anna Lewandowski, the couple dreams of a move to Los Angeles and a chance to build their personal brands ahead of Robert's retirement.

"I think we will spend some time in the United States, too," Anna Lewandowski said in a recent interview with Business Insider Poland. "We dream of Los Angeles. There we want to develop our brands."

Robert & Anna Lewandowski

Anna Lewandowski runs a health food business built around recipes she developed for Robert (Photo: Anna Lewandowski)

Lewandowski's wife Anna is a health food blogger and owns the company "Foods by Ann," which she started after developing recipes that Robert would share with teammates at Bayern Munich.

"I always cooked for Robert and prepared the meals, which he then took to training or play. Over time, it turned into a mass production of chocolate bars for the guys from Bavaria. Bastian Schweinsteiger once stole a whole cake I made for my husband."

Anna Lewandowski at the gym

Anna Lewandowski knows a thing or two about nutrition and fitness. (Photo: Anna Lewandowski)

If Robert and Anna Lewandowski make the move to Los Angeles, they will join former Bayern Munich teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger, who now plays for the Chicago Fire in MLS.

"We hope that Robert will end his career at a club in Los Angeles," Anna said. "We can now say that it would be our dream."

With Los Angeles FC (LAFC) joining the LA Galaxy in MLS during the 2018 season, the Lewandowskis now have more than one option to make their move in the near future. Which could be good news for Anna Lewandowski and MLS fans alike.

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