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Alex Ferguson Knows What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo The Greatest Footballer Of His Generation

Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has provided a compelling piece of reasoning as towards why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of his generation.

Having worked with Ronaldo for six hugely successful seasons at United, Ferguson has since watched the Portuguese forward dominate La Liga for seven years with Real Madrid and win his first major international tournament with Portugal, the 2016 European Championship.


Watching Ronaldo embrace the man who he claims is like a father to him was one of the more touching moments of the entire tournament.

After the match, Ferguson spoke with German tabloid Bild and outlined what sets Ronaldo apart.

“He has an incredible desire for football, Cristiano is looking forward to each workout,” said Ferguson. “He always wants to be better, to win. He especially loves these big games.”

Ferguson believes that no player under his watch at United developed more than Ronaldo. He transformed from a tricky winger with a dazzling array of tricks into one of the deadliest, most consistent performers in the world. 

However, what truly sets Ronaldo apart, according to Ferguson, is the incredible longevity that sees him still dominating opponents at 31 years of age.

“Usually top players can only play for about five or six years at the highest level, then it’s over. Cristiano has been doing this for over 10 years. That makes him so exceptional.

“Every generation has its special footballer, Cristiano is currently.”

Players like Ronaldinho, Micheal Owen and Kaka were undeniably brilliant. They were on top of the world’s game for about five or six years before tailing off, which is something only an idiot would find them at fault for.

However, Ronaldo’s been at peak performance since his 2006 season with Manchester United. It’s a remarkable feat that’s cemented his place among the greatest to ever play the game.

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