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Juventus Returns To FIFA Series After Three-Year Hiatus

EA Sports has just announced that Juventus will be returning to FIFA 23 following a three-year hiatus from the series. 

The video game company released a video on social media in conjunction with Juventus celebrating the return of Italy's most successful club. The video features narration from Juventus legend Claudio Marchisio and scenes from both in-game and real life.

Marchisio’s narration tells the story of absence and reunion, history and future, all over the background of the Juventus hymn “Storia di un grande amore.

Juventus signed an exclusive rights deal with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in 2019 which removed the club, its stadium and jerseys from the game. In Juve's absence came Piemonte Calcio, a fake team featuring the real Juventus players for use in both online and offline modes. 

This reunion brings Juventus Stadium back into the game, as well as the team’s new kits for this season. 

The video paid tribute to the club's rich history and hope for the future by showing Alessandro Del Piero, Zinedine Zidane and Pavel Nedved, saying “new legends will be born, like the heroes before them” with Dušan Vlahović being the most prominent current player shown as their heir.

One final thing to note is the inclusion of Marchisio himself as a player in the game along with Del Piero and David Trezeguet. It's been confirmed that Marchisio will be added as a FUT Hero for this year, joining the latter pair who are already icons in the game.

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