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5 Things All Soccer Fans Must Do Before They Die

Every sports fan has a bucket list of the experiences they would like to have before they die.The sports world is filled with so many great venues and events that, even if you tried to accomplish just one item on your list a year, you still wouldn’t have enough time to get them all done. As a soccer fan, here are five items on my soccer bucket list I would like to do – and think all soccer fans should do before they die.

Soccer Bucket List #5 – Watch Liverpool At Anfield

Liverpool is one of the most storied franchises in the Premier League. At every home game, the fans join in to sing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” There is nothing like hearing over 45,000 rowdy soccer fans singing together. Just listen in the video below. Whether you’re a fan of Liverpool or not, it is one of the greatest traditions in the sport and every soccer fan should want to experience it in person at least once.


Soccer Bucket List #4 – Attend El Clasico

El Clásico

An El Clasico in Camp Nou should be on every soccer bucket list. (Photo: @KhallilHrnandz | Twitter)

Real Madrid and Barcelona are not only two of the biggest teams in La Liga, or even just soccer for that matter. These are perhaps the two biggest sports franchises in the world. So, when these two powerhouses get together you better be watching. What would be better than seeing this amazing rivalry in person? Over the years, they have had some of the biggest names in the sport playing head-to-head in this rivalry and currently this game is as star packed as it’s ever been.It is definitely a must for any soccer fan.

Soccer Bucket List #3- Attend A World Cup

World Cup Fans

The many faces of the World Cup. (Photo: @EyesOnSoccer | Twitter)

The biggest sporting event in the world has to be on this soccer bucket list. 32 teams from across the world competing for soccer’s biggest prize... what could be better than that? The atmosphere and pageantry are like nothing else, and the fact that it only happens every four years makes it one of the more rare events in sports, not only soccer. Considering I have zero desire to go to Russia or boil in Qatar, I guess 2026 can’t get here fast enough.

Soccer Bucket List #2 – See Cristiano Ronaldo Play

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 in his prime (Photo: @NYDailyNews | Twitter)

So often as sports fans we selfishly think that our favorite athletes will be around forever but, as the saying in sports goes, “father time is undefeated”. Right now in soccer we are lucky to have playing one of the greatest athletes ever to have stepped foot on the field. We hope he plays at this level for years to come. A player of his brilliance and intensity is a must to watch for any soccer fan.

Soccer Bucket List#1 – Watch Lionel Messi At Camp Nou

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi (Photo: @LeadInvestor | Twitter)

Sports fans often hear the phrase “once in a generation player.”

Right now in soccer we are lucky to have two players that fit the bill. To me, though, Messi is truly our “once in a lifetime player.” Messi does things with his craft that defy logic. It is special. It's like the things Jimi Hendrix could do with a guitar – things that had not been seen or heard by anyone before (and some would argue since). You didn’t know how he did it. He just could and others couldn’t, and you were lucky if you were there to witness it. That is Lionel Messi on the soccer pitch. Just check out this string of free kicks he has scored in 2016 so far:

Maybe one day, some kid will come along and overturn Messi as the best player of all time. We hope so, for the sake of the sport. But today, seeing the Atomic Flea play in person has to be at the top of any soccer fan's bucket list.

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