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24 Thoughts On Samir Nasri's Twitter

Warning: the following article contains screenshots of tweets that should not be viewed by children or anyone who might be near a child in the future.

Also: Tweets are NSFW

Samir Nasri's Twitter, um, did a thing. Meet me on the other side of these screencaps.

In a fit of common sense, Nasri's Twitter was deleted (later un-deleted) after these tweets were sent.

Some thoughts:

1. What



4. No

5. NO

6. (head explodes)

7. Gotta be hacked

8. Definitely hacked

9. I wonder who did this?

10. Was is merely the work of trolls or something more sinister?

11. Does Samir Nasri have any enemies? If so, how many, and who are they?

12. How do the Drip Doctor people feel about this?

13. Happy for the publicity?

14. Sad about the way one of their ambassadors (or the person who hacked said ambassador's Twitter) is behaving online?

15. Indifferent?

16. They haven't even found out yet?


17. Is this true about Drip Doctors?

18. Did someone hack Samir Nasri's Twitter just to libel Drip Doctors online?

19. Does Samir Nasri hate Drip Doctors so much he sacrificed his Twitter account and reputation just to either libel them or truthfully ruin their reputation?

20. What does this mean for Nasri going forward?

21. Will his teammates roast him for this or will they be sympathetic.

22. Of course they're going to roast him don't be ridiculous.

23. This writer will be referring to Nasri as Samir "The Drip Doctor" Nasri from now on.

24. What



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