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This 18-Yard Backheel Volley Is The Definition Of Cheeky

Jordan Blondel is a 23-year-old midfielder for US Avranches in the Championnat National, the French 3rd tier. He may have just scored an early contender for goal of the month with this cheeky backheel volley from 18 yards out.

The French midfielder scored his first goal in 12 appearances for Avranches, and it couldn’t have been any better. With his side enjoying a 2-0 lead going into the 68th minute, a long ball over the top of the Consolat Marseille defense found Blondel with his back to goal. The goalkeeper, alive to the danger and doing what any sensible keeper might, immediately comes off his line, anticipating that Blondel will attempt to control the ball and turn.


Except he doesn’t. Harnessing his inner Zlatan, Blondel anticipates the keeper’s actions and lobs him with a ridiculous back heel volley from the top of the box.

Yes, a saucy backheel volley from 18 yards. It’s a confounding sentence, a haphazard jumble of words strung together in an attempt to describe an action even more ludicrous. 

Avranches would go on to win the match 3-0. They currently sit in 10th place in Division 3, while the loss would prove more costly to Consolat Marseille. They currently occupy second place, behind Strasbourg, in the division. The top two finishers are automatically promoted to Ligue 2 for the following season.   

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