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16-Year-Old Wonder Kid Has Skills To Take On Neymar

Hachim Mastour is only 16. He was signed by AC Milan at the tender age of 14 for a sum of 500,000 Euros and a year later he dazzled everyone with his superb performance for the Primavera squad in Milan’s youth circuit. Mastour was born in Italy to Moroccan parents and has the tools to be as great as the Neymars, Messis and Ronaldos of the world. 

During Milan’s dreadful campaign last year, Mastour was promoted to the first team but never made an appearance. If you look at Milan’s official roster on their website, they still have Mastour listed on the first team, but he is actually making appearances with the Milan Primavera. He often makes highlight reel plays just like the one he made as he scored a golazo taking on six defenders on his own.


The creativity, control and speed that he has is freakish. It won’t take you long watching the “Moroccan Magician” to see the insane potential he has. We assumed that after seeing that marvelous finish that you would want to see more, so here you go. Remember he is ONLY 15 in this video: 

And those are just his 2013-2014 highlights. If you’re in need of some more in game action here are is 2012/2013 highlights - you know, from when he was 14. 

Milan are off to a much better start than a year ago. They sit in third in the Serie A compared to last year’s disappointing 8th place finish. It is going to be tough to predict when Mastour makes his true debut for Milan. He hasn’t traveled with the team recently, but his talent is undeniable. Yes, he is playing against lesser opponents, but the film doesn’t lie. Some are worried that his progression to the first team is happening too quickly, and that he may fall to the wayside like so many other wonder kids in the sport of football. Omar Danesi, the U17 coach for Milan said: 

"It is impossible to take the ball from Hachim. He can run at breakneck speed. He has grown so much this year, especially in his work with the rest of the team. He is very young and there is a lot of scope for improvement. For the talent he has, he is definitely a player to play at the San Siro [for Milan]. But he is very young and should be allowed to grow with calmness."


His development will need to be handled with care, but from what we’ve seen, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Moroccan Magician suit up with Michael Essien, Stepehen El Shaarawy and Fernando Torres soon. And just because we can, here is a juggling battle between Mastour with Neymar. 

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