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PSG’s New Shorts Are A Holy Matrimony Between Basketball And Soccer

When the Jordan Brand dropped Paris Saint-Germain’s new 2021-22 home kit back on May 14, my initial reaction was: Nice. That looks clean with the Jumpman logo. Carry on everyone.

Neymar PSG 2021-22 jersey

Neymar wearing the PSG 2021-22 home kit. Photo: PSG_English | Twitter

But I overlooked something — something profound. Something life-altering with 90-degree weather about to assault our every pore.

Over the last decade, the professional worlds of basketball and soccer have been steadily reaching common ground in one massive aesthetic: short length.

In the NBA, shorts have casually creeped from shin level to below the knee to above the knee. This is the way. Show off those legs in the right light my brothers and sisters, otherwise they’ll be looking like raw chicken breasts stuffed into socks.

Over in soccer, shorts have dropped from ensnaring the family jewels to above the knee. This is also a great development. You want some air flow and comfort for your nether regions, but you also still want the mobility and freedom that short shorts provide when executing all the actions the game demands.

Now back to PSG’s new uniform, which sees a holy matrimony formed between these developments. The 2020-21 PSG bottoms are obviously soccer shorts, but they’re basketball shorts too!

The design brings “classic basketball iconography to the pitch” while taking “design cues from memorable Chicago Bulls uniforms.”

Jordan Shorts PSG

PSG shorts

PSG shorts

These are available to purchase through the PSG online store.

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