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Groovy! Liverpool players get into flares and shades to model their new jersey

Drop season is on. Liverpool became the first Premier League club to launch their jersey for the 2023-24 campaign.

And boy, they got retro.

Liverpool new jersey 

The shirt doesn't bring a special pattern or a statement graphic. It's just a simple old red strip with a crewneck and cuffs in white that surely will captivate those who love classic, proper football.

In fact, according to the club, the idea is inspired by the kit Liverpool wore during the 1973-74 season, the last one managed by legendary coach Bill Shankly.

Feeding that nostalgia, some believe that removing the Standard Chartered sponsor from the fabric could end in a smashing look.

We tried and they might have a point.

On the other hand, some people are not very impressed with Nike's effort, pointing out that the jersey is practically the same as we see today, except for the neck and the cuffs.

And they also have a point.

Liverpool players get groovy for photo session

To promote the new jersey, Liverpool decided to call up the players and model the strip. And when we say "model," it is because it was a serious business. I mean, nothing like "be a soccer player" but more like a "get in this garish flares and shades and bring the seventies back."

Mo Salah, Darwin Núñez, Luis Díaz, Leanne Kiernan, Taylor Hinds and Missy Bo Kearns were among those who smiled for the camera in a series of photos that really made the jersey pop, despite the fact that it's just a simple, basic shirt. 

What? Flares are ugly and out of fashion. Have you seen what GenZers are wearing on TikTok? Have you read about their nth comeback? Do yourself a favor and buy a pair now to match it with any soccer jersey you may have in your collection and post a picture online. You could become an influencer. 

Or not.

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