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World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 13

The first two matches on Tuesday were not very exciting as France and Denmark had a goalless draw to protect their round-of-16 spots and Australia did not come to play. The next two games, however, nearly gave me a heart attack because it was down to the wire for Lionel Messi's survival in the World Cup. Holy sh*t is all I can say about the Argentina match. 

Here's the best of the World Cup social media action from Tuesday.

Denmark vs France

This match was special for two reasons: It was the first 0-0 game of the tournament, and it was by far the most boring match of the tournament. France rotated its squad and Denmark was so content with a draw because it would mean it advanced to the knockout stages.

Australia vs Peru

Now this game was actually a good one to watch because Peru was playing in it, of course. Peru got two great goals and looked threatening for most of match, while Australia could not figure out how to shoot or have a decent first touch.

Iceland vs Croatia

The already safe Croatians took on everyone's favorite underdog Iceland, which needed a win to advance. Sadly, Iceland was close but lost. Also, the Argentina game overshadowed this game because, well, it was Messi in a do-or-die situation.

Nigeria vs Argentina

This game was down right stressful; it was a crazy rollecoaster of emotions. This game had it all: Messi was doing everything he could, his teammates kept screwing up and then an unlikely hero, Marcos Rojo, scored the winner in the 86th minute. Messi is safe for now from crazy criticism, but he has to take on France next.

That one game was enough for me today; I'm going to go lay down like Michael Cera in that last tweet for a couple hours.

Be sure to check out yesterday's World Cup social roundup! It covers not only the games played yesterday, but also the games over the weekend.

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